Instant Tea Premix Manufacturer in Mumbai

We are a well-established instant tea premix manufacturer and supplier in the Indian markets. We are a tea premix manufacturer who have developed unique instant premixes to cater to the Indian taste.

Our premium instant premixes come in several flavors such as cardamom tea premix, ginger tea premix, masala tea premix, lemon tea premix, plain tea premix and even lemon grass tea premix.
You have to just add hot water to our instant tea premix to get a refreshing cup of tea. Our healthy instant tea premixes such as ginger tea premix are rich in anti-oxidants and offer several health benefits. If you are a corporate house looking to offer a variety of healthy tea options for your employees then we are the right suppliers for your needs.
Our quality control programs ensure that the best quality ingredients go into our tea premixes to offer you a premium product – both in taste and in health benefits, not to mention the ease of preparing a cup of tea with our instant premixes – no more hassle of adding sugar, tea and milk in the right proportions!
Reach out to us for a trade enquiry or to know further details about why you should choose us as the tea premix manufacturer for your needs. We are the most reputed manufacturer of Instant Beverages viz:- Tea Premix, Coffee Premix, Hot Soup and variety of hot & cold beverages.

We now have specific gradations, to Suit every client’s taste buds and budget needs.

  • Balanced sugar (Premium range)
    Premium Grade premixes are balanced sugar based products appealing to mass Segments.

  • Low sugar (Classic Range)
    Classic grade products are low sugar for those who are calorie conscious, and who appreciate amazing refreshing Quality and taste.

  • Without Sugar
    Without Sugar range products come without any added sugar.

Tea with milk and sugar the way Indians love

  • Masala Tea
    Masala Tea
    Traditionally ground spices and condiments added to provide
    maximum punch with a great taste of tea.

  • Cardamom Tea
    Cardamom Tea
    Natural cardamom extract used to
    create smooth and classic taste of tea.

  • Lemon Grass Tea
    Lemon Grass Tea
    Earthly taste of this tea is a result of
    lemon grass oil added with a pinch of Masala.

  • Ginger Tea
    Ginger Tea
    Apart from good taste, starting your day with a cup of
    ginger tea, keeps your digestive system healthy.

  • Mint ( Pudina ) - Ginger Tea / Masala Tea
    Mint Tea
    For years mint is known for it's digestive properties,
    mixing it with ginger / masala makes relishing cup of tea.

  • Plain Tea
    Plain Tea
    This basic variety is for those, who believe in fine
    taste of tea and strictly nothing else added to it.

  • Chai Latte
    Chai LatteThe word ”Chai” is used in many Asian countries to describe the most common beverage, ‘tea’ added with milk and sugar. Chai Latte’ is the westernized variant of this basic drink, with a bit of spices added to it, usually light in flavour and milky and frothy in texture. Try our ‘Chai Latte Premix’, you will love it.

Black Tea without milk, the way world loves

  • Lemon Tea
    Lemon Tea Refreshing taste of lemon tea is liked by billions, all over the world. By adding a slight hint of orange, we make it a special preparation. Sip it hot or cold, any way you like.