Instant Premixes

Hot Comfort is the most reputed instant tea premix manufacturer and supplier in the Indian markets. We offer wide range of instant premixes including hot chocolate premix, cappuccino premix and many other.

  • Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate PremixPremium quality of cocoa powder, combined with milk, sugar and added flavour,
    give our Hot Chocolate Premix its signature taste.

  • Cappuccino
    Cappuccino PremixCappuccino is originally a European style coffee, based on espresso. Experimenting with various strengths of coffee, frothy milk and other ingredients as varied as one can imagine, lead to a lot many varieties of cappuccino. After many trials, we have zeroed-in to our own blend of Cappuccino Premix.

  • Kashmiri Kahwa
    Kashmiri KahwaAs the name suggests this warm lovely soothing green tea is of the kind consumed in cold place like Kashmir. This drink is prepared from green tea, condiments and flavoured with saffron and garnished with blanched almonds. This drink is believed to relieve headache and maintain fluid levels also.

  • Shahi Dry fruit Milk
    Shahi Dry Fruit MilkAs "Shahi" stands for rich, this beverage is packed with rich dry fruits or nuts like almonds, pistachio, cashew, topped with rarest saffron, in a base of fatty sweetened milk. We have transformed, this ancient originalIndian beverage used to welcome guests by wealthy hosts, in ready premix, so that, just by adding hot water you can prepare it instantly and experience the tradition.

  • Kesari Ukala Masala Milk
    Kesari Ukala Masala MilkThis yet another originally Indian milk recipe is not only delicious on tongue but also very healthy. Ukala Premix give you the taste of boiled sweetened milk, added with exotic spices like dry ginger, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, black pepper and saffron.

  • Soups
    Soup PremixesOur soup premixes instantly become mouth watering delicacies, the moment you add appropriate quantity of hot water to it. The range includes:
    • Tomato Soup