Coffee Premixes Manufacturer in Mumbai

We are Instant beverage premix manufacturing company, whose instant coffee premixes are being served to more than 500+ clients around Mumbai region. At Hot Comfort, our state of the art manufacturing unit has the best equipment and technology which produces highest quality of instant coffee premixes, simply put Better than the rest. Better than the Best.

  • Balanced sugar (Premium range)
    Premium Grade premixes are balanced sugar based products appealing to mass Segments.

  • Low sugar (Classic range)
    Classic grade products are low sugar for those who are calorie conscious, and who appreciate amazing refreshing Quality and taste.

  • Without Sugar
    Without Sugar products available without any added sugar.

  • Coffee
    Strong aroma and rich flavour is a trademark of our basic coffee premix.
    This stress-buster beverage will make you drink cups after cups.

  • Cinnamon Coffee / Cardamom Coffee
    Cinnamon Coffee
    By adding natural condiments like cinnamon or cardamom, we have
    formulated these premixes with true Indian touch.

  • Vanilla Coffee / Choco Coffee
    Vanilla Coffee
    The yummy additives like vanilla and chocolate give
    western touch to our coffee premix.

  • Black Coffee
    Black Coffee
    This worldwide popular beverage is available with us in instant premix form.
    Just add hot water to prepare a nerve stimulating cup.

  • Mocha Coffee
    Mocha Coffee
    Though there is no authentic or original recipe for 'Mocha Coffee', available anywhere in the world, it is basically a combination of coffee and chocolate. The 'Mocha Coffee Premix' developed by us, added with special condiment, create it's own unique flavour which will be definitely liked by your taste buds.
  • Coffee Latte
    Coffee Latte
    If you are in a mood for a light cup of coffee, full of milk,
    try our 'Coffee Latte Premix' to prepare the beverage instantly.