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5 Benefits of Having Tea Vending Machines

6 Jun , 2018,
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Tea Coffee Vending Machines offer the fastest way of making tea and instant coffee. They are very quick and simple way of making refreshing coffee and tea in a smooth way. The Tea Coffee Vending Machines are hassle-free to handle and can be maintained easily. The tea coffee vending machines are very easy to use and highly durable.

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Simple Coffee Brewing Tips To Make a Great Cup of Coffee

24 Apr , 2018,
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To create your own masterpiece coffee, you need to know how to make coffee properly. And tips, secrets and other important nuances from professionals will help you in this.

Options for brewing coffee

Today, coffee can be cooked in different ways, but the most traditional is the use of the Turks. Such coffee utensils can be of different sizes and can be made from different materials. The shape of the Turks is selected depending on the number of coffeemakers, and the material – from personal preferences. For you to know how to make the right coffee in a Turk, remember the consistent implementation of this process.

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5 Quality Check To Buy Tea Coffee Vending Machines

26 Mar , 2018,
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Over the past few years, people have entered this business of the Tea coffee vending machines in order to earn as the profits are quite high. But they have failed to understand the depth and the technical aspect of the of the vending machines which result in them buying the wrong one. It is very important for everyone to know the qualities when they are about to buy a tea coffee vending machine. Here are 5 qualities which one has to keep in mind when they are about to buy a tea coffee vending machine.


  • The price is wrong- One should never look for the cheaper tea coffee vending machines as they are cheap just on the face value but in reality, they are not much profitable in the longer run. Tea coffee vending machine price should be ignored as it is a food and beverage machine and the bad quality of the product may harm someone’s health.


  • Check and verify- As the coffee tea vending machine price varies one will wonder how to check for the legitness for these machines. To keep away the confusion of the different coffee tea vending machine prices here is the list of checkpoints which are mandatory for a buyer to check before making the final decision.VAT TIN no. ,FSSAI License, Products Laboratory Test Certificate, Packaging in Food Grade LD/PPE Aluminized Foil., Nutritional facts displayed on the Packets, Batch no & Date of Manufacture, Exact complete address details of the place of manufacturing, Yield (no.of Cups) / Kg of the Products.


  • The Packets- There is a wide range of packets which the market has to offer. One has to be very careful while choosing the kind of packets which he’ll use as the cheaper and costlier packets tend to have different outputs and different price of the tea or coffee. This will impact the overall business which will help in covering up the Coffee tea vending machines price.


  • See the market- Nowadays the people avoid drinking the tea or coffee from the vending machines as they fail to match the taste of the consumers. This happened because of the people who bought the vending machines without any prior knowledge of this field. So it is very important for the buyer to buy the Tea coffee vending machines with price and taste both in consideration and create a good image in the market again with better taste.


  • The Brand- The brand in the food industry plays a vital role as the people have faith in the brands and trust them because of their tasty and safe to consume products. So check the brand’s goodwill before buying the Tea coffee vending machine. After all, if the vending machine will not be used because of the fear in people of the unknown or unreliable brand then there will be no benefit to the consumers or the seller.


5 Tea Premixes That Will Make Your Day!

25 Jan , 2018,
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Instant tea premix offer the ease of preparing a cup of tea with no hassles of adding sugar, tea and milk in the right proportions! With the advancement and customers choices and behaviours, many tea manufacturing companies produce the instant tea premixes with varied flavors and constituents. Therefore as the name says Instant Tea Premixes, They are made with added ingredients and are highly quick solutions of fixing your tea needs.

Following are some of the popular flavors of tea premixes available.

Masala tea premix: With enhanced benefits of health and higher freshness, the masala tea premix is definitely one to be chosen. The flavor lures the taste buds and definite is one of the most pure tea premixes. Thus the masala tea premix should be chosen for tasting the most natural forms of tea premix.

Cardamom tea premix: As the name says the cardamom tea premix offers benefits and flavors of cardamom which is one of the favourite ingredients for many tea lovers. The cardamom has imposing and rich flavor and comes packed with most natural benefits and free of artificial flavors.

Lemon grass tea premix: The lemon grass tea premix helps in extending benefits for health as lemon grass has been widely used in the medicine industry. The lemongrass tea premix comes packed with great taste along with its pure and naturally benefits.

Ginger tea premix: This is one of the most accepted tea premixes currently as ginger is widely used as one of the most favourite ingredients in the tea, with the enhanced taste, the ginger tea premix helps in extending higher satisfaction and natural taste among the customers.

Plain tea premix: The natural taste of tea is the first and foremost love of many tea lovers. With the instant tea premix, the benefits of having instant tea with its natural taste is made possible for the tea lovers. With its light aromatic flavors, the plain tea remix is a choice for plain and natural tea lovers.

With the instant tea premixes the handy availability of tea has been made possible for the tea lovers and definitely it keeps one energized and active and even reduces stress levels .With the instant tea premixes, the choicest flavors can be taken with instant, easy and convenient options of preparation. Instant tea premixes offers benefits of just adding hot water and readily availability options with the best available natural flavors of tea. Instant tea premixes eliminates the hassles of adding sugar, milk etc and can be with just adding hot water and definitely are the most suitable options to carry during travels.

Benefits of Using Instant Tea Premix

3 Mar , 2017,
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Every individual likes to have a cup of tea every morning that refreshes mind as well as make their day full of joy and freshness. But what if you have a bad cup of tea with no taste of your choice? I know this sounds like something you don’t want to imagine but as every problem has a solution, Hot Comfort has manufactured instant tea premix which comes in several flavors such as cardamom tea premix, ginger tea premix, masala tea premix, lemon tea premix, plain tea premix and even lemon grass tea premix which helps you to have a perfect taste of tea of your choice without any effort.

Instant Tea Premix by Hot Comfort refreshes your mind as you just have to add a cup of water to it and get ready to have an instant cup of tea. Besides this, there are several benefits of it which will inspire you to buy instant tea premix, which is also available online.  

Advantageous to your health: Healthy instant tea premixes such as ginger tea premix are rich in anti-oxidants and offer several health benefits like lowering the risk of heart disease, helping in weight reduction etc. So, not only these instant tea premixes are healthy but also they have quality taste and beneficial for health conscious people.

Reduces your tea preparation time: If you will prefer to go with instant tea premix then it reduces your lot of morning time which you can utilize in other important tasks. As you just need to add hot water into it and your tea is ready to drink instantly.  

Easy to carry: Are you missing your morning tea because you are a busy professional or your job is of traveling then you can use instant tea premix for instant tea. Without any effort, you can now make your morning tea with the help of this. Also, you can carry this with you on road trips, outings and vacations.

Best in the emergency: If there is any emergency situation when your body needs energy and you don’t have anything to eat at that point of time instant tea premix from hot comfort will help you. Also, you can serve the tea quickly to guests.

Easy to dispose: In today’s scenario which inspires everyone for cleanliness, you should contribute towards it by using instant tea premix, as you don’t have throw any tea residue anywhere as it comes in powder form and tea is prepared instantly.


If you are health conscious or want to have morning tea with amazing flavors then must contact Hot Comfort for best price for instant tea premix manufacturers, available online.

Our product ensures that the best quality ingredients go into our tea premixes to offer you a premium product both in taste and in health benefits, not to mention the ease of preparing a cup of tea with our instant premixes no more hassle of adding sugar, tea and milk in the right proportions! So, wake up every morning with the smile on your face and a fresh cup of tea from Hot Comfort!

Advantages of Automatic Coffee Maker

11 Jan , 2017,
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Having a coffee at any time of the day is no less than a stress buster and this is why most of the people keep themselves charged up by having coffee at any point of time of the day. Ordering a coffee includes a good amount of money that you have to spend by sitting in a good ambiance and having a hot cup of favorite coffee but what about getting a coffee vending machine so that you can have a cup of coffee whenever you want? Read along to know more about it.

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Best Coffee Machine Buying Guide

22 Dec , 2016,
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Machine manufactured for the purpose of preparing coffee are typically not too expensive. However, picking up the right choice is not that easy. The array of coffee machine models starts from the basic models that comprise of no other feature other than toggling control. The more expensive units comprise of light up displays along with timers.

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Things to Consider before Buying a Coffee Vending Machine

21 Sep , 2016,
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Vending machines allow it to be easy to access meals, drinks and other products at various kinds of places. At places like schools, schools, hospitals and company offices, individuals are usually hooked on various kinds of drinks like tea, coffee, soda and juices too. Because of this, that coffee and tea vending machines along with other beverage models are generally seen at such institutions. Getting a beverage vending machine is another lucrative business for a lot of.

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Why Coffee Vending Machine is Considered Useful?

6 Jul , 2016,
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Coffee is a strong beverage which is loved by all in this world. It smells great, taste best and gives a person caffeine boost to kick start his day. Nowadays, creating the workplace environment enjoyable and relaxing for the employees has become an important part. Gone are the days when offices were just made of 100’s of cubicles that employees go to. In this modern era, creativity has given an important place in the companies; workplaces highlight the space that nurtures creativity and teamwork in the minds of office employees.

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Useful Tips on Maintaining Tea & Coffee Vending Machines

3 May , 2016,
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tea-coffee-vending-machines-maintenanceActually, a good machine that is very much kept up is more attractable to the clients contrasted with a machine that is secured with dust or doesn’t have any alluring logo on it. For that, you have to keep up a totally clean Tea Coffee Machine, which does not leave any shocking impression upon the client’s psyche.

For saving your machine in better use condition, the beneath said shifted guidelines can be taken after.

Dusting is must in regular basis

Make it a routine of cleaning the parts of the vending machine that are noticeable from outside. If you hold many quantities of vending machines and it turns out to be hard for you to get to every one of them, then you should utilize somebody who will do the undertaking for you. In any case, to maintain a strategic distance from such inordinate cost search for a supplier that offers support administrations. Examine with the assembling organization about the purifying procedure.

Check out the status of the mechanism

If, the vending machine acknowledges money then watch out for the instrument of the machine at a general interim. To keep away earth and harm, the coin recipient part should be checked also. If the acceptor is not in the well state then you should supplant it as right on time as would be prudent as this is a definitive imperative part of A Tea Coffee Machine that creates cash, without a very much prepared coin acceptor it is difficult to pick up benefit out of the income.

Take the help of repairing services

This is very important to give a proper value to the Tea Coffee Vending Machine Price if you neglected to determine the happened issues then you should contact with organizations that can help you in, set up back things together. A good vending machines supplier for the most part offers repairing and looking after administrations, if you have marked the arrangement with such organization then nothing is more unwinding than that, else you have to contact with repairing office.

Be honest to your customer

Attempt to renew the vending machine with crisp items and be mindful of not putting away such items, which have officially crossed the producer said expiry date. Since if, the clients once get hold of such things then in future they will attempt to maintain a strategic distance from your vending machine.

The object of business must be kept up appropriately to get back productive income and this idea is pertinent in the range of Tea Coffee Vending Machine Price also. If you contribute little time on the keeping up procedure you will naturally get good turnover from the vending machine business. Solid vending machines are not all remunerating for a representative, but rather it is likewise favorable for individuals who use it.