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5 Tips to Make Instant Coffee

2 Sep , 2017,
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‘Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.’

Not only instant but value for money. This sounds very interesting.  Hot Comfort is the leading manufacture of coffee vending machines.  Our coffee vending machines enable you to make the tastiest instant coffee within minutes.

With our coffee vending machines, you can enjoy a steaming hot cup of your favorite coffee in few minutes.

The perfect cup for the perfect person. Coffee is the biggest stress buster. There is nothing more charming than an instant cup of coffee.  Now, you can get an instant cup of your favourite coffee by using coffee vending machine at your home.  There are various dealers and manufacturers of coffee vending machines in India.  Hot Comfort is a prominent name in manufacturers of coffee vending machines in India.

Learn the 5 tips to make instant coffee with our coffee vending machine and enjoy the passion of having a cup of coffee at your home.

  1. To make instant coffee, best option is using the tea coffee vending machines. Put on your coffee vending machine for an instant cup of hot coffee.
  2. You just have to mix coffee beans, milk and water in the blocks that are provided in the tea coffee vending machine.
  3. Press the option of the coffee you want, your cup which will be placed in the machine, will be filled with hot coffee.
  4. The tea coffee vending automatic machines mostly accomplish the task on their own.  They are a boon for the coffee lovers and provide the instant coffee you want immediately.
  5. Another best tip to make instant coffee is using the coffee premixes. Mix the premix to a hot cup of water and pour the hot coffee in your coffee cup. Your steaming hot cup of coffee is ready to drink.

You can choose from a  wide range of coffee premixes including, plain coffee, vanilla coffee, cardamom coffee, cinnamon coffee, mocha coffee, black sweetened coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, dry fruit milk, masala milk etc. At Hot Comfort you find all these ready premixes for you instant coffee.

If you are planning to buy a coffee vending machine then certainly Hot Comfort is the best choice.  We provide premium quality vending machines at the most viable prices.

Order your coffee vending machine now and get the joy of an instant hot cup of coffee, only with Hot Comfort!

5 Benefits of Drinking Tea Everyday

24 Jul , 2017,
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Peek into any busy office, and you will note just how important the vending machine is. Much of the work day is kept active because of the hot cup of coffee or great instant tea premix that makes managing stress so much easier. It is also notable how such a vending machine saves a lot of time, since people don’t have to step out of office for their drink during working hours.

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Tea Coffee Vending Machine for Office Use

25 Apr , 2017,
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The office is a place where we spend a considerable number of hours every day. The awareness regarding basic education, professional courses and woman empowerment, has certainly improved the employment rate in India.

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Tea Premix for Vending machine

23 Mar , 2017,
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Working for long hours at the office has become a norm for most industries. No matter which industry or profile you belong to, the competition in the field of work requires you to remain available for work all the time. In times of such stress and competition it is natural for people to feel tired and worn out and the need for instant tea premix becomes important. However, when you choose to buy a premix of tea for your tea and coffee vending machine, you should learn about a few things that relate to the powder. When you have a better understanding of the powder, you can make a more informed and wise choice. Your choice of the tea premix decides how well the staff at your office performs and how your business is handled by your team.

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Advantages of Automatic Coffee Maker

11 Jan , 2017,
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Having a coffee at any time of the day is no less than a stress buster and this is why most of the people keep themselves charged up by having coffee at any point of time of the day. Ordering a coffee includes a good amount of money that you have to spend by sitting in a good ambiance and having a hot cup of favorite coffee but what about getting a coffee vending machine so that you can have a cup of coffee whenever you want? Read along to know more about it.

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Best Coffee Machine Buying Guide

22 Dec , 2016,
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Machine manufactured for the purpose of preparing coffee are typically not too expensive. However, picking up the right choice is not that easy. The array of coffee machine models starts from the basic models that comprise of no other feature other than toggling control. The more expensive units comprise of light up displays along with timers.

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5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

30 Nov , 2016,
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For most of the people, tea is a regular beverage of everyday. No matter what the season is, tea is the most favorite beverage for majority of people around the world. An early morning tea refreshes your mind to face the whole day while an evening tea will remove the stress which is accumulated through all day work. The most favorite beverage on your cup has many benefits, have a look.

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Things to Consider before Buying a Coffee Vending Machine

21 Sep , 2016,
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Vending machines allow it to be easy to access meals, drinks and other products at various kinds of places. At places like schools, schools, hospitals and company offices, individuals are usually hooked on various kinds of drinks like tea, coffee, soda and juices too. Because of this, that coffee and tea vending machines along with other beverage models are generally seen at such institutions. Getting a beverage vending machine is another lucrative business for a lot of.

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Useful Tips on Maintaining Tea & Coffee Vending Machines

3 May , 2016,
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tea-coffee-vending-machines-maintenanceActually, a good machine that is very much kept up is more attractable to the clients contrasted with a machine that is secured with dust or doesn’t have any alluring logo on it. For that, you have to keep up a totally clean Tea Coffee Machine, which does not leave any shocking impression upon the client’s psyche.

For saving your machine in better use condition, the beneath said shifted guidelines can be taken after.

Dusting is must in regular basis

Make it a routine of cleaning the parts of the vending machine that are noticeable from outside. If you hold many quantities of vending machines and it turns out to be hard for you to get to every one of them, then you should utilize somebody who will do the undertaking for you. In any case, to maintain a strategic distance from such inordinate cost search for a supplier that offers support administrations. Examine with the assembling organization about the purifying procedure.

Check out the status of the mechanism

If, the vending machine acknowledges money then watch out for the instrument of the machine at a general interim. To keep away earth and harm, the coin recipient part should be checked also. If the acceptor is not in the well state then you should supplant it as right on time as would be prudent as this is a definitive imperative part of A Tea Coffee Machine that creates cash, without a very much prepared coin acceptor it is difficult to pick up benefit out of the income.

Take the help of repairing services

This is very important to give a proper value to the Tea Coffee Vending Machine Price if you neglected to determine the happened issues then you should contact with organizations that can help you in, set up back things together. A good vending machines supplier for the most part offers repairing and looking after administrations, if you have marked the arrangement with such organization then nothing is more unwinding than that, else you have to contact with repairing office.

Be honest to your customer

Attempt to renew the vending machine with crisp items and be mindful of not putting away such items, which have officially crossed the producer said expiry date. Since if, the clients once get hold of such things then in future they will attempt to maintain a strategic distance from your vending machine.

The object of business must be kept up appropriately to get back productive income and this idea is pertinent in the range of Tea Coffee Vending Machine Price also. If you contribute little time on the keeping up procedure you will naturally get good turnover from the vending machine business. Solid vending machines are not all remunerating for a representative, but rather it is likewise favorable for individuals who use it.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hot Beverage Vending Machine

21 Aug , 2015,
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When you are thinking about the various alternative ways of making money, you must take into consideration the possibility of owning a vending machine. The vending machines can accumulate a lot of money as they can function on a 24 hour basis and thus they will be able to serve thousands of customers. However there are a few things that you must consider when you are purchasing a hot beverage vending machine. There are many best prices for tea coffee vending machine.

Determining the locations of the accounts

You must try to establish a proper account before you actually purchase the vending machine. Just by knowing an approximate number of people using the machine and the location, you will be able to determine the kind and also size of the machine. If the business is small, a compact machine would be good enough. Otherwise a full sized machine will be good enough.

The type of machine

There are basically two types of vending machines. These are mechanical and electronic. The electronic models can be expensive when you are purchasing them upfront. However there repair needs are very less. The mechanical vending machines can be cheap but they require a lot of maintenance.

Conduct a proper research on the equipment

You must conduct an extensive research on the equipment. If at all possible, you must physically see the equipment in order to gain a wider understanding. You can also insert some money into the vending machine and see how it operates and how it accepts the acceptance of money. The delivery of product is the most important as far as a vending machine is concerned. You can also research on the machine on the internet if you are not able to visit the machine physically.

Select a proper location

You must select an appropriate location and the one which can attract a huge number of customers. This can help you to gain a lot in terms of income and you will not have to worry about the number of customers you will get. If you think that the place you have selected is good enough, then there are no problems what so ever.

You must look at your vending machine as an investment. This means that you must make a good amount of money once you have invested. This will help you get a good return on your investment.