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5 Outstanding Advantages of Instant Tea Premixes

3 Mar , 2018,
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Use of instant tea premixes is a hot trend these days. Since the studies have found that instant tea share the same health benefits as conventional tea, tea vending machines are getting popular and more people are preferring to drink instant tea.

Read here 5 outstanding advantages of instant tea premixes to get a clear idea:

1. Less preparation time: Biggest advantage of using instant tea premix to make tea is that it takes very less time to prepare as compared to the conventional tea. In conventional tea making, you have to find all the ingredients and then add them one by one. This whole process takes a lot of time whereas, in case of instant tea, you just have to add the premix in the hot water and stir it very well to get a perfect cup of tea.

2. Health advantages: Everyone is becoming so health conscious these days. Keeping that in mind, instant tea premixes are made healthy by mixing certain herbs that are good for health. For example, lemongrass tea premix has a very refreshing aroma and fights indigestion, cold, fever, stomach ache etc. Mint tea has an aroma that soothes your mind, improves immune system and helps you lose the weight. Ginger tea is rich in antioxidants and lower risk of heart diseases. Keeping every customer in mind, balanced sugar, low sugar and without sugar premixes are also made available in the market by manufacturers.

3. Emergency: The way instant tea premixes comes to your rescue in emergency situations cannot be ignored. When you are extremely busy or suddenly hungry or need energy or surprise guests arrived at home, making tea with premix is a far better option than preparing the time consuming conventional tea. It is very easy to carry the instant tea premix, hence you can carry small packets of premix on road trips, vacations, outings etc. and make tea anytime anywhere.

4. Different flavors of tea: These days instant tea premixes are available in different flavors other than conventional flavors which might one reason behind its rising popularity. They have masala tea, cardamom tea, lemon grass tea, ginger tea, mint tea, plain tea, chai latte, lemon tea etc. All these different tea varieties have different essence, taste, aroma, and sweetness. People seem more interested in buying instant tea premixes to refine their tea drinking experience.

5. Cost-effective and easy to dispose: The cost of making tea with premix is far lower as compared to the combined cost of tea powder, milk, and sugar which makes it highly cost-effective. No residue is generated while making tea using instant tea premix as opposed to conventional tea where you have to dispose tea powder residue.

5 Tea Premixes That Will Make Your Day!

25 Jan , 2018,
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Instant tea premix offer the ease of preparing a cup of tea with no hassles of adding sugar, tea and milk in the right proportions! With the advancement and customers choices and behaviours, many tea manufacturing companies produce the instant tea premixes with varied flavors and constituents. Therefore as the name says Instant Tea Premixes, They are made with added ingredients and are highly quick solutions of fixing your tea needs.

Following are some of the popular flavors of tea premixes available.

Masala tea premix: With enhanced benefits of health and higher freshness, the masala tea premix is definitely one to be chosen. The flavor lures the taste buds and definite is one of the most pure tea premixes. Thus the masala tea premix should be chosen for tasting the most natural forms of tea premix.

Cardamom tea premix: As the name says the cardamom tea premix offers benefits and flavors of cardamom which is one of the favourite ingredients for many tea lovers. The cardamom has imposing and rich flavor and comes packed with most natural benefits and free of artificial flavors.

Lemon grass tea premix: The lemon grass tea premix helps in extending benefits for health as lemon grass has been widely used in the medicine industry. The lemongrass tea premix comes packed with great taste along with its pure and naturally benefits.

Ginger tea premix: This is one of the most accepted tea premixes currently as ginger is widely used as one of the most favourite ingredients in the tea, with the enhanced taste, the ginger tea premix helps in extending higher satisfaction and natural taste among the customers.

Plain tea premix: The natural taste of tea is the first and foremost love of many tea lovers. With the instant tea premix, the benefits of having instant tea with its natural taste is made possible for the tea lovers. With its light aromatic flavors, the plain tea remix is a choice for plain and natural tea lovers.

With the instant tea premixes the handy availability of tea has been made possible for the tea lovers and definitely it keeps one energized and active and even reduces stress levels .With the instant tea premixes, the choicest flavors can be taken with instant, easy and convenient options of preparation. Instant tea premixes offers benefits of just adding hot water and readily availability options with the best available natural flavors of tea. Instant tea premixes eliminates the hassles of adding sugar, milk etc and can be with just adding hot water and definitely are the most suitable options to carry during travels.

5 Tips to Make Instant Coffee

2 Sep , 2017,
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‘Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.’

Not only instant but value for money. This sounds very interesting.  Hot Comfort is the leading manufacture of coffee vending machines.  Our coffee vending machines enable you to make the tastiest instant coffee within minutes.

With our coffee vending machines, you can enjoy a steaming hot cup of your favorite coffee in few minutes.

The perfect cup for the perfect person. Coffee is the biggest stress buster. There is nothing more charming than an instant cup of coffee.  Now, you can get an instant cup of your favourite coffee by using coffee vending machine at your home.  There are various dealers and manufacturers of coffee vending machines in India.  Hot Comfort is a prominent name in manufacturers of coffee vending machines in India.

Learn the 5 tips to make instant coffee with our coffee vending machine and enjoy the passion of having a cup of coffee at your home.

  1. To make instant coffee, best option is using the tea coffee vending machines. Put on your coffee vending machine for an instant cup of hot coffee.
  2. You just have to mix coffee beans, milk and water in the blocks that are provided in the tea coffee vending machine.
  3. Press the option of the coffee you want, your cup which will be placed in the machine, will be filled with hot coffee.
  4. The tea coffee vending automatic machines mostly accomplish the task on their own.  They are a boon for the coffee lovers and provide the instant coffee you want immediately.
  5. Another best tip to make instant coffee is using the coffee premixes. Mix the premix to a hot cup of water and pour the hot coffee in your coffee cup. Your steaming hot cup of coffee is ready to drink.

You can choose from a  wide range of coffee premixes including, plain coffee, vanilla coffee, cardamom coffee, cinnamon coffee, mocha coffee, black sweetened coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, dry fruit milk, masala milk etc. At Hot Comfort you find all these ready premixes for you instant coffee.

If you are planning to buy a coffee vending machine then certainly Hot Comfort is the best choice.  We provide premium quality vending machines at the most viable prices.

Order your coffee vending machine now and get the joy of an instant hot cup of coffee, only with Hot Comfort!

5 Benefits of Drinking Tea Everyday

24 Jul , 2017,
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Peek into any busy office, and you will note just how important the vending machine is. Much of the work day is kept active because of the hot cup of coffee or great instant tea premix that makes managing stress so much easier. It is also notable how such a vending machine saves a lot of time, since people don’t have to step out of office for their drink during working hours.

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Tea Coffee Vending Machine for Office Use

25 Apr , 2017,
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The office is a place where we spend a considerable number of hours every day. The awareness regarding basic education, professional courses and woman empowerment, has certainly improved the employment rate in India.

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Tea Premix for Vending machine

23 Mar , 2017,
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Working for long hours at the office has become a norm for most industries. No matter which industry or profile you belong to, the competition in the field of work requires you to remain available for work all the time. In times of such stress and competition it is natural for people to feel tired and worn out and the need for instant tea premix becomes important. However, when you choose to buy a premix of tea for your tea and coffee vending machine, you should learn about a few things that relate to the powder. When you have a better understanding of the powder, you can make a more informed and wise choice. Your choice of the tea premix decides how well the staff at your office performs and how your business is handled by your team.

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Benefits of Using Instant Tea Premix

3 Mar , 2017,
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Every individual likes to have a cup of tea every morning that refreshes mind as well as make their day full of joy and freshness. But what if you have a bad cup of tea with no taste of your choice? I know this sounds like something you don’t want to imagine but as every problem has a solution, Hot Comfort has manufactured instant tea premix which comes in several flavors such as cardamom tea premix, ginger tea premix, masala tea premix, lemon tea premix, plain tea premix and even lemon grass tea premix which helps you to have a perfect taste of tea of your choice without any effort.

Instant Tea Premix by Hot Comfort refreshes your mind as you just have to add a cup of water to it and get ready to have an instant cup of tea. Besides this, there are several benefits of it which will inspire you to buy instant tea premix, which is also available online.  

Advantageous to your health: Healthy instant tea premixes such as ginger tea premix are rich in anti-oxidants and offer several health benefits like lowering the risk of heart disease, helping in weight reduction etc. So, not only these instant tea premixes are healthy but also they have quality taste and beneficial for health conscious people.

Reduces your tea preparation time: If you will prefer to go with instant tea premix then it reduces your lot of morning time which you can utilize in other important tasks. As you just need to add hot water into it and your tea is ready to drink instantly.  

Easy to carry: Are you missing your morning tea because you are a busy professional or your job is of traveling then you can use instant tea premix for instant tea. Without any effort, you can now make your morning tea with the help of this. Also, you can carry this with you on road trips, outings and vacations.

Best in the emergency: If there is any emergency situation when your body needs energy and you don’t have anything to eat at that point of time instant tea premix from hot comfort will help you. Also, you can serve the tea quickly to guests.

Easy to dispose: In today’s scenario which inspires everyone for cleanliness, you should contribute towards it by using instant tea premix, as you don’t have throw any tea residue anywhere as it comes in powder form and tea is prepared instantly.


If you are health conscious or want to have morning tea with amazing flavors then must contact Hot Comfort for best price for instant tea premix manufacturers, available online.

Our product ensures that the best quality ingredients go into our tea premixes to offer you a premium product both in taste and in health benefits, not to mention the ease of preparing a cup of tea with our instant premixes no more hassle of adding sugar, tea and milk in the right proportions! So, wake up every morning with the smile on your face and a fresh cup of tea from Hot Comfort!

Advantages of Automatic Coffee Maker

11 Jan , 2017,
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Having a coffee at any time of the day is no less than a stress buster and this is why most of the people keep themselves charged up by having coffee at any point of time of the day. Ordering a coffee includes a good amount of money that you have to spend by sitting in a good ambiance and having a hot cup of favorite coffee but what about getting a coffee vending machine so that you can have a cup of coffee whenever you want? Read along to know more about it.

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Must know: Benefits of Tea Coffee Vending Machine Premixes

22 Feb , 2016,
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In situations where time is always dear and work is given highest importance, it becomes essential to get the non-important activities out of the way and use time in a more productive manner. One of the activities that takes up immense amount of time is the making of hot beverages such as tea and coffee. There were times when people may spend lots of time in making the beverages because they are important for a lot of people to maintain concentration and focus on their work. However, the time and effort that it takes to make the hot beverage may in itself cause the break of concentration. This is one major reason why items such as instant tea premix have been gaining in popularity. The premixes come in different varieties of flavours and types which include premixes not only for tea but also for coffee and soups. One must know about the inherent benefits of the mixes to be able to truly appreciate the product. Here are a few advantages that are offered by the premixes:

  • Saves time: One may not have to spend time in making tea or coffee by the conventional means, which may take too long and may be very tedious.
  • Increases productivity: With the possibility of being able to save time, people may also be able to concentrate better because of the quick and easy way to get the concentration elixir in the form of tea or coffee.
  • Better taste: When one makes tea or coffee with the conventional method, there are chances that the taste may vary each time. However, when the beverage is obtained from a machine, the taste remains constant.
  • Economical option: Buying tea, milk, sugar and other ingredients may cost a lot more than putting in money in a tea vending machine price.
  • Saves space: In an office environment, when one may have to build a kitchen space it may be extremely inconvenient but placing a vending machine in a small area may be more convenient for space saving.

With the kinds of advantages that are offered by investing in a vending machine for tea or coffee, one may assume that it proves to be the wisest and the most practical step towards a better working environment.

How to Make Tea with Instant Tea Premix?

15 Jun , 2015,
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instant tea premixesTea is favourite drink for many irrespective of which part of the world people are in. Apart from its many useful health benefits, it is a refreshing to have a cup of tea and relax for some moments. The other thing is that now you can buy an instant tea premix and enjoy a cup of tea anytime you want.

How to make tea using these instant premixes?

Making tea using these premixes is quite an easy task. You just need to boil a cup of water and add the premix to it which already has sugar and milk in it. Just stir it and your cup of tea is ready! Apart from making tea manually, you can also use different vending machines which make the task even easier.

Vending Machines for Making Tea

These vending machines are quite useful and you will often see them at public places and in offices.  In office environment these machines are especially useful since you can make a cup of tea quickly and get back to work. Thus such machines help in improving productivity of employees by manifolds.

In-Cup Vending: Most common type of these vending machines are the in-cup ones where you just need to place the cup inside the vending machine and job of mixing hot water with tea premix is done by the machine itself.

Various Types of Premixes to Suit Individual Needs

The benefit of using instant tea premix is that these provide you with a variety of options to choose from depending upon your health goals. Some of the available options include:

  • Premix with Balanced Sugar: These fall in the category of premium range with a balanced sugar ratio which can be used by everyone.
  • Premix Low on Sugar: Another type of tea premix which is available in the market caters to health conscious people who keep a close watch on their daily calorie intake.
  • Tea Premix with No Sugar: If you are trying to avoid sugar intake then this type of premix is best suited for you since they do not contain any sugar.

In case you are interested in buying these tea premixes then Hot Comfort is the best store for you to buy from. Here at Hot Comfort you will find a large collection of these tea premixes to select from depending upon your health preferences.