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Hot Comfort is the most trusted service provider for tea / coffee / hot beverage vending machines in the industry. Since 15 years, the sole motto of the company has remained to deliver highest quality products and timely services. Our sincere & focused efforts have resulted into us growing multifold year after year.

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Tips to Buy Coffee Vending Machine

Tired and stressed at the office? Want to be warm and cozy on a chilling evening? Whatever may be the scene, a cup of steaming hot coffee can make you relieved and relaxed. Hence if you are looking to set up a beverage stall or want to have a quick coffee at home, a coffee […]

24 May, 2017 admin

Tea Coffee Vending Machine for Office Use

The office is a place where we spend a considerable number of hours every day. The awareness regarding basic education, professional courses and woman empowerment, has certainly improved the employment rate in India.

25 Apr, 2017 admin

Tea Premix for Vending machine

Working for long hours at the office has become a norm for most industries. No matter which industry or profile you belong to, the competition in the field of work requires you to remain available for work all the time. In times of such stress and competition it is natural for people to feel tired […]

23 Mar, 2017 admin