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Hot Comfort is the most trusted service provider for tea / coffee / hot beverage vending machines in the industry. Since 15 years, the sole motto of the company has remained to deliver highest quality products and timely services. Our sincere & focused efforts have resulted into us growing multifold year after year.

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5 Tips to Make Instant Coffee

‘Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.’ Not only instant but value for money. This sounds very interesting.  Hot Comfort is the leading manufacture of coffee vending machines.  Our coffee vending machines enable you to make the tastiest instant coffee within minutes. With our coffee vending machines, you can enjoy a steaming […]

2 Sep, 2017 admin

Looking For Tea Vending Machine? Read This!

If you are constantly working and are an active part of the hustle that modern life invariably brings, you are very likely in the desperate need of a tea break. In order to be able to go on with your routine and keep being a success, you should make sure that you have the right […]

31 Jul, 2017 admin

5 Benefits of Drinking Tea Everyday

Peek into any busy office, and you will note just how important the vending machine is. Much of the work day is kept active because of the hot cup of coffee or great instant tea premix that makes managing stress so much easier. It is also notable how such a vending machine saves a lot […]

24 Jul, 2017 admin