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Hot Comfort is the most trusted service provider for tea / coffee / hot beverage vending machines in the industry. Since 15 years, the sole motto of the company has remained to deliver highest quality products and timely services. Our sincere & focused efforts have resulted into us growing multifold year after year.

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Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Tea Every Morning

Tea in India is not merely a drink it is an institution. Millions of cups are served and drank each day, which makes it an unlikely staple of modern-day living. Many offices and institutions have tea and coffee vending machines installed for refreshment purposes for their employees and visitors. Tea coffee vending machine price are […]

5 Jul, 2018 admin

5 Benefits of Having Tea Vending Machines

Tea Coffee Vending Machines offer the fastest way of making tea and instant coffee. They are very quick and simple way of making refreshing coffee and tea in a smooth way. The Tea Coffee Vending Machines are hassle-free to handle and can be maintained easily. The tea coffee vending machines are very easy to use […]

6 Jun, 2018 admin

Simple Coffee Brewing Tips To Make a Great Cup of Coffee

To create your own masterpiece coffee, you need to know how to make coffee properly. And tips, secrets and other important nuances from professionals will help you in this. Options for brewing coffee Today, coffee can be cooked in different ways, but the most traditional is the use of the Turks. Such coffee utensils can […]

24 Apr, 2018 admin